At STK Architecture, Inc., we put into practice whole-building design, a strategic and systematic way to achieve a true, high performance building. Whether the end result is a community center or a retail center, a place of business or a place of worship, we provide a full range of integrated services to produce a building that is cost-effective and sustainable, safe and accessible, functional and aesthetic.




Our experienced, registered architects maintain involvement from programming and conceptual design through construction, unlike the typical chain-of-command approach of larger firms. The end result is a much higher efficiency and lower average change order percentage (under 0.5% as opposed to 3 - 5% industry average).

Interior Design

At STK, we treat the interior design process as integral to the architectural design process, creating a seamless connection between purpose and artistry. A number of our employees have strengths in both areas, which allows us to manage the entire integrated process in house.

Highland Park aerial.jpg

Master Planning

Strategic site design requires careful analysis of global issues in relation to the desired end result. At STK, we strive to balance our clients’ requirements with the needs of those who will spend their days inside the building as well as those of the community beyond.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design seeks to minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency for lower total cost of ownership. At STK, we consider the needs of our planet — as well as our clients — as evidenced by LEED-certified projects we’ve designed and the LEED-accredited professionals whom we employ.